When developing this website, coming up the with idea of dividing my film work into three sections, made films, unmade films and almost made films, was hugely exciting. I loved the idea of being able to integrate into a presentation of my work the things that were not finished and which may never be finished. The number of ideas that I have balances badly against the pressure on my time and my frequently unsuccessful struggle with procrastination.

But the question of what to actually put in a section called unmade films was problematic. Did I really just want a list of every idea I’ve ever had? Not really. Some aren’t that great. Most aren’t worked out enough. And of the ones that I still do plan to make, why would I want to reveal them publicly when they are still amorphous ideas in need of work.

But there are some films that, though they probably won’t be made, are ideas that I find so beautiful and so exciting that I don’t want them to live only in my head. Here is one.

You Don’t Remember Me