4th December 2013

Welcome! The site is now live.

Like so much in life, it has taken longer than we planned, and isn’t 100% ready exactly- but I’m tired of waiting. My books are ready, I’m selling them this weekend (see below) and it’s time to open all the doors.

So- if you find that the page of the day (and indeed the film of the week) don’t roll over quick as clockwork like as one would hope, please bear with us as we work out the kinks. And if there is anything else on the site that bothers you or doesn’t work, please let me know.

27th November 2013

The books have arrived. The packaging comes in a few days. And a few days after that it they will be available for sale. Check here for the exact date.

I will also be selling my books (if you can’t wait or if you want to avoid the post and packaging costs which are -for a good reason- somewhat heavy) at the St Paul’s Steiner School Advent Fete. This delightful event is the Christmas Fair at our children’s school and always has an beautiful array of stalls selling hand made dolls, jewellery, candles, soaps, clothes as well as activities for children, music and many other lovely things. And now my books. Trauma, loss and a side order of the holocaust may not be your ideal Christmas Gift (though I have repeatedly been told I need to go for the ‘Christmas Market’…) but the Advent Fete feels like an ideal place for me to go public for the first time. I will be writing in depth on my plans for selling the books on the blog so I won’t go into too much detail here, but the core of my thinking is to start as small and as personal and as human as possible- and though there is nothing small about the Advent Fete (I know people who come from abroad for it, and the Friday Night Rosebush Cafe is the best place in town for mulled wine and mince pies) it’s a place where people know me. Lots of them know about the books. Some have been asking about them. They can come and look and we can talk face to face with my books in their hands. It feels like the right place to begin- and if I don’t sell a single book I really won’t mind at all.

Details on the Advent Fete are here.