These are some of the people, places and work that I love…

Macdonald Wright Architects
My true love.

Sue Parkhill
I love Sue Parkhill’s work. Her website deals mostly with her advertising work, which is also wonderful, but her independent work is stunning.

Ursula le Guin
An obsession since I first read the Earthsea books.

Jen Sachs
A magnificent animator who combines a smart feminist sensibility with beautiful visuals

Zoe Crosher

Sandro del Rosario

Mike Enright
When I saw Grit I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks.

Senses of Cinema

Carol Shields
Once every few years I read all her novels. I can’t get over the quality of her writing. Everything I think in my muddleheaded way about what is important, what matters, about the supposed smallness of women’s lives, ordinary women, and the real hugeness of it, is perfectly put in everything Carol Shields writes.

Christopher Isherwood
Another obsession. When I read Down There on a Visit I had to keep looking away. I couldn’t quite believe how wonderful the writing was. But it is his diaries that really obsess me, and the interaction in his work between fiction and autobiography, and the move, through his life, from one to the other. That, and the prose.

The Providores and Tapa Room
My friends Michael and Peter have this restaurant. I love them and I love it.

And I also love this place.

Barbara Marsh
Doesn’t have a website, but she does have an amazing collection of poetry out published by Eyewear- To The Boneyard– and everyone should buy it.